Your Basic Guide To Buy Refurbished iPhone 6

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iPhone is synonym with class and style and owning the latest model is the dream of every gadget lover. Buying a new one is simple as all you have to do is visit an Apple Store and choose the model you want. Another option is to buy a refurbished or used iPhone from a dealer or any gadget store and it will also cost you a lot lesser than a new one as well. However, it is crucial to ensure that the refurbished iPhone you are planning to buy is actually a worthwhile investment and you are not being duped. Keeping this in mind, mentioned below are a few important aspects you should consider before spending money on a refurbished iPhone 6.

The very first tip is to never buy a used phone without seeing it first. Especially when buying online, trusting just the pictures might not be a wise decision. You need to see the phone to be sure that it looks like a new one. As soon as you get the phone in your hands, carefully examine the body, as it should not look old or faded. A few scratches are fine, but a broken or damaged body means that the phone has gone through a lot of wear and tear and it will never give you the satisfaction of owning an iPhone 6.

After appearance it is the authenticity of the phone you should be concerned about. Internet is filled with fake iPhones and you would never want to become a part of such scams. So, go to the settings and get the serial number, which can be entered on the Apple website. If the code does not show up there or is invalid, then it is a fake or clone. Similarly, to avoid the possibility of the phone being fabricated or repaired, you should check that the IMEI written on the phone's back is same as the one mentioned in the operating system.

Camera is one of the prominent features of an iPhone and certainly the most popular as well, as it is known to deliver amazing results. So, before you buy a refurbished iPhone 6, it is recommended to check the camera quality. Take a few pictures and use zoom in feature to determine if the quality of pictures is as good as a new one. Also, make multiple videos to ensure that the camera does not get stuck and works perfectly.

Lastly, it is the battery life of iPhone which most of the users are generally concerned about. With normal use, the battery of an iPhone lasts approximately for one day. Use many features simultaneously, turn on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, make videos, take pictures and increase screen brightness. Now make a call while all these features are in use. If the battery gets drained quickly or the phone gets hot, then it is a sign that the battery is a counterfeit or damaged.

Buying a refurbished iPhone 6 does not mean that you have to compromise on any feature; thus, the condition and performance of the phone should be checked before you buy the device.

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