5 Reasons To Skin Problems And Ways To Correct It!

2:17 AM
Who doesn’t appreciate a healthy glowing skin? We all want that flawless skin that our favourite actors and actresses have. But the amount of money invested could be very disheartening and not something that everybody could afford.

So, how can a common man get that glow on their skin? Well, it’s really not that difficult after all. All you need is some time out of your daily schedule and you will be rewarded with the kind of skin you desire.

Before, I enlist a few beauty tips I would like to focus on the few areas which could be the root cause for an unhealthy skin type. Also, beauty skin care tips in Hindi are available to cover a larger section in the society and to stretch out helping hands to as many possible.
  1. Make up abuse- women love make up and this is no hidden fact. But these days not only women but even men use make up. Sometimes the reason behind dull and dry skin is make up abuse. Makeup contains all types of chemical substances that degrade your natural skin and leave it looking dull and lifeless.
  2. Genetic- many people go though skin trouble because of hereditary. They face acne bursts or have an oily skin. These issues may not be able to be removed completely, but they can surely be kept in check. I would suggest a good skin clinic in case the issue is very serious. Otherwise a few home remedies should do it.
  3. Pollution- pollution is one of the most common reasons for bad skin type. And the problem is one cannot avoid it at all. You face pollution on the commute and it’s just unavoidable. So, repairing of your skin is a must. You go for home made face masks if you want to keep it natural. Also, they are readily available in the kitchen.
  4. Stress- stress and anxiety also have a major impact over our body and skin. Believe it or not, but stress and anxiety attract a lot of negative energy to our body which is not good. Also, it could straight away give you wrinkles and that can make you look aged. So, try to be calm and positive that sure helps.
  5. Unhealthy food habits- what goes inside your stomach reflect on your outer body. Healthy food habits can do wonders. But, if you opt for unhealthy diet which has more of fast food and fried stuff; it will take a toll over your body and skin too. For a healthy and glowing skin have a balanced diet and include green leafy vegetables and fruits. This is why a balanced diet has always been stressed upon.
Apart from these, drinking plenty water and doing exercises also helps. If these don’t help, there are plenty of other tips of skin care in Hindi and English. But, I am sure if you keep the above tips in mind it will definitely be helpful and the results will be visible.

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