Apps for Your Basic Needs

4:19 AM
  • Flipkart (When you want to go shopping)-It is the leader of e-commerce in Indian market. It provides a large range of electronics and even accessories, apparels, furniture and many more. It offers Cash-on-delivery and even online payment options. Flipkart offers are one of the reasons of its popularity.
  • Savemonk (For saving money)-Savemonk is a saving app, which helps you to save money while shopping. They have associated with around 100+ stores to promote savings on every transaction the customer does with their partner stores. Like they offer Jabong coupons, Cashbacks , etc. Its goal is to help people save money whenever they shop online.
  • Food panda (To order food) - Food Panda is one of the most famous online food ordering apps in India. It has a large database of restaurants from big Indian cities. It also gives access to features such as using coupons and selecting the mode of payment like by credit/debit card or Cash-on-delivery. Presently, it serves 34 cities including Delhi, Mumbai, etc.
  • Scribd (For reading) - Scribd is world’s biggest digital library. It provides all sorts of books and documents required for study or recreation. You can even upload your own documents or books. You can maintain your own library and share it with your friends.
  • Paytm (Paying bills) - Paytm is India’s largest mobile commerce platform. You can pay bills, recharges can be done and even money transfer can be done. Now you can even book tickets of the movie, train or bus by Paytm. Its name is an acronym for “Payment through mobile”.
  • Workout Trainer (To stay healthy) - Skimble’s Workout Trainer has complete step-by-step audio and video instructions for every exercise you want to do. It will help you to build six-pack abs or shape your body. Either you could start a built in routine or custom routine, Workout Trainer has a routine just for you.
  • Micromedex (For medical help) - Micromedex is a simple pharmaceutical reference app. Search a drug name to know how it should be taken or does it have any side effects. You can even find which drug you should take to cure your disease. It describes everything in depth yet it is so simple to use that anybody can find what they are looking for in a minute.
  • Big Basket (For buying grocery) - Big Basket saves you from going for daily grocery shopping. Now you don’t need to wait in long queues for paying bills or get stuck in a traffic jam, just order on Big Basket and get all groceries you need. For free home delivery, there should be a minimum Rs.1000 transaction.
  • OLX (selling and buying) - It is an online marketplace to sell and buy goods. You could submit ads for free to sell your items. Sell or buy anything from clothes to electronics, furniture to vehicles, etc.
  • Ola Cabs - Ola is an Indian online transportation company. Now no more waiting for rickshaws or autos and bargaining with them. Book your cab from your home and get a reasonable price.
The app also allows you to choose the type of car like micro, mini, sedan, etc. Ola now offers cheaper auto rides too. It provides you with details like Driver name, Driver’s contact number, Vehicle number and ride fare.

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