What is caul birth and why do many superstitious are involved around it?

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1 out of 80,000 kids are born with a Caul Birth and no wonders there are numerous superstitious   evolving around this type of birth. It is a rare phenomenon and is considered to be something special. A mother may be frightened by the occurrence of it but most times it is an evitable part of the birth process.

An amniotic sac is being placed over the head or face of a new born baby. In some rarest of cases it is known as En Caul Baby Birth the baby is known to stock from the amniotic sac that resembles a thin coupled with a filmy membrane. This type of birth tends to occur when the sac breaks during the process of birth and gets attached to the head of the baby.

The doctor can take off the Caul without any major issue. In the rarest of cases, if the caul is being attached to the head of the baby then great care needs to be taken so that the skin of a baby is not peeled off.

Many cultures regard this form of birth as something of a good luck. It could stem from the fact that it is a rare condition and the best part is that numerous interesting stories float around them. The Roman midwives went on to steal cauls and then sold them off to the lawyers and it would help them win cases. This extended to countries like Finland or Denmark. Say for example in the country of Dalmatia if a caul was being placed under the head of a dying man, the passing off process would be a lot easy. In Belgium the child was considered to the lucky if the Caul was being buried in a field.

The people working in coal mines would carry off cauls with them as they felt it protected from fires.
Some were of the opinion that people who possessed a caul could not drown for the rest of their life. But in one instance the power of immunity remained as long as you held the caul in your hand. There was a famous instance where a baby died a year after a mother went on to throw away a caul. As it was felt that a caul was immune to drowning, many families went on to sell them to sailors for a good amount of money.

If you have a caul birth, then the chances are that you might be bestowed with super natural powers. But be aware of the fact that it is indeed a natural form of birth and on most occasions tends to occur when the baby is at a premature stage. The great Napoleon had this type of birth.

If you are still confused on this type of birth, the internet is flooded with numerous different stories. So log on to the internet and figure out more about the myths surrounding this type of birth.

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