How Can You Train Your Kids Organize Their Toys? Read These 5 Helpful Guide

8:46 PM
You know what can remove your stress from overlapping deadlines at work, heavy traffic on your way home and that careless office mate who spilled coffee on your uniform? It’s simple. That’s your kid who happily meets you halfway to the door jumping in excitement while asking for his bunch of kinder joys. This is not to mention that his toys have been littering your floor.

Then, there’s this thought that it would be much better if those durable kids outdoor play sets at are not sprinkled out there. But you’re already too tired to go clean that up yourself. Save your effort because you can just make your kid do that on his own but following your pretty sweet way. If you’re not sure how to start, then the following will help you kick-start the train-him-to-organize-his-toy plan.

1. Be an example. Of course, most of the kids can’t get the work done at the first try without you supervising them. Do the job with them on the watch. Show them how it is done. Sure, it will take two to three times to get them to help you but it will really be worth it. 

2. Be an actress (or an actor). It sure is not fun for an adult to sit or crouch on the floor to pick up toys and organize them. But for their sake, act like you’re enjoying the job as if you’re picking up pieces of diamonds and putting them in a magic casket. 

3. Be an ambassador of order. Now let them try it on their own. But be sure to have a display rack for his toys and be sure to always keep it in order. Kids who are used to seeing things fixed in an orderly manner are always trying to keep it that way. 

4. Be an expert. The main reason why kids tend to left their toys scattered everywhere is because they already got tired playing with those. An expertise in separating all the toys into bags or trays and having your child play with those in rotation is advisable. Bag A for the first week, B for the second and so on can keep him from losing interest on those as he gets to see new variety of materials more often.

5. Be a facilitator. Showing them how to get the thing done is not the end. Constantly remind them to fix their things if they're done with their toys. Say for instance, you’ve bought wide choices of kids wooden puzzles at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop. Then, the day after you’ve seen these puzzles messing around your living room while your kid is playing with another toy. 

Control yourself, call him/her and get a basket. Show him/her how to put the pieces into the basket to make things organized. With that, it’s either they already learned their lesson or they don't want to hear any of those redundant speeches again that they will do it in the end. But what's important is they actually did it.

Everything above sounds really tiring but being a parent is the really trickiest profession ever and not suffering is out of the option. But still, you alone can make the best steps in making your child heed to your every word one way or another.

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