Proven Remarketing Tips That Every Marketer Should Use

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Remarketing is an effective tool for the Internet-savvy advertiser, especially if your site generates a lot of traffic. 

It refers to the tagging of landing pages so that your visitors can receive cookies. You can then target those visitors with customized ads on the basis of their website activity. These ads track them throughout an ad network.

Although there are many strategies and tips that you can use to have successful remarketing campaigns, here are 4 proven remarketing tips that you should definitely use:
Lower your budget on homepage and non-converting page visitors.

Online Marketing For Doctors advised that you need to decrease your budget on your information pages and homepage. If a visitor’s still trying to check you out, you would definitely want to have them visit your site again. However, they’re not really worth much investing in yet.

In this regard, you can target these visitors with advertising campaigns to landing pages that have a soft CTA (e.g. an ebook download or a webinar) or your blog and information pages. To increase your remarketing ROI, you should spend less on these non-converting visitors.

Tag the pages that allow you to meet your goal.

A basic aspect to ensure the success of a remarketing campaign is to determine the web site pages you have to tag. This holds true regardless of the remarketing tool you’re using---a third-party remarketing tool, an Adwords remarketing code, a Google Analytics remarketing code, or others.

In this regard, tag the landing page that is directly linked to your marketing objectives, as these are thewebsite pages on which your whole ad campaign is set up around.

Create segments for your remarketing campaigns.

This will allow you to address the needs and wants of your audience more directly. You can base your segmentation on the pages your visitors visit; the number of pages they view; and the amount of time they spend on your website. You can use these data to gauge how nurturing or aggressive you should be in your campaigns.

One strategy you can use is to segment your visitors into shorter time frames. This will give you a better insight on their performance by duration.

Another strategy you can use is to create segments through the use of custom combinations so that each visitor is included in only one remarketing list. This will allow you to look at the PPI, conversion, rate, or CTR and determine how each group performs. In addition, this will enable you to test various messaging based on duration. 

Offer coupons to product page and repeat visitors.

Use discounts and coupons to provide incentives to lost shopping cart visitors. This may make them go back to your product web page. In particular, a user who has visited your product page or online store is likely to have a lot of interest in buying that item.

However, they may have not continued with the purchase due to reasons such as the price point being high, getting distracted, or because they were probably just comparison shopping. In this regard, you can still try to regain these lost sales through coupon offers. 

Letting your potential customer see your special offer wherever they are on the Web increasesyour chances of converting that user and making a sale. At the same time, you also foster customer loyalty and increase brand awareness.


You can increase the success of your remarketing campaigns by knowing your target market and your visitors’ behavior. With medical website designers from Online Marketing for Doctors and tools such as Google Analytics, analyzing such data should be easier for you, and with tools like Google Adwords, you should be able to easily set up and customize your remarketing campaigns. Have fun exploring the world of remarketing!

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