What to expect during the course of pregnancy

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Once the end of  pregnancy reaches, you can confer the fact that the mother is ready for the delivery of a baby. It has to be said that the last three months are the most important for the development of an unborn baby. A host of interesting features tend to appear at this point and some interesting features also happen.

In fact you can observe them with the help of pregnancy growth video. One thing is for sure this is an exciting time for the parents as they expect the arrival of a new born in their life.

Once you touch around 28 weeks of your pregnancy, the baby tends to resemble more and more human. At this point the eyelids of the baby open and they are known to have eyelashes as well. The growth of the eyebrows also take place at this point of time. if the baby is expected to be born with hair on this head then it might occur at this point as well.

The skin of the fetus was a bit wranky but this is going to fill and smooth out once the baby tends to gain weight. At this point of time your kid is expected to weigh around 2 and ¼ pounds and that would mean that if it is a premature baby, then the chances of survival is high.

Now come week 29, it is the time to strengthen and fine tuning a host of special skills. The skeleton of the baby is fairly soft at this point of time, it would tend to become all the more hard with the formation of calcium or iron. At this stage of bone development, the head of the baby does come in proposition with the head of the baby as well.

Brain development tends to occur within the skull and this paves way for the beginning of internal control of temperature and breath. With the opening of the eyelids, the child can move their eyes from side to side as well. By the time the kid touches week 30, they are able to open their eyes.

This is followed by week 31 and 32, where the breathing capabilities along with the sexual organs begin to form. When it comes to breathing, the lungs may not yet fully formed, but the baby can practice breathing at this point of time. For a matter of fact the weight of the baby is above 4 pounds.

After a week’s time, the body of the child is being covered with fat. The weeks 36 to 40 work out to be the finishing touches for your baby. Though there might not been a lot of room for you to roam about, but you need to take note of the fact that the baby does have some emotions.

This pretty much illustrates the baby growth during pregnancy week by week. You can plan for it, but some complications are bound to arise at the last minute.

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