6 Important Steps To Work Upon For A Successful Corporate Branding Strategy

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Corporate branding is a powerful tool to realign a corporate strategy and makes sure that the corporation, whether big or small, is sufficiently leveraging on the untapped external and internal resources.

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Here are a few important steps used by branding agency Sydney like BrandQuest towards a successful corporate branding strategy.

1. The CEO should Lead the Brand Strategy Project

Corporate branding should start from the board room, which should also serve as the most important check-point throughout the project. There should be a personal involvement of the CEO in the brand strategy work and s/he should have a passion for the idea of branding. 
In turn, the CEO should be supported by a powerful brand management team of senior contributors to ensure success in spite of the stressful everyday routine of the CEO with several duties to be performed at the same time.

2. Design Your Own Model

Every company has its own unique requirements, business values and a specific way of conducting things. One model doesn’t work for all, no matter how perfect it is. It should be customised to the requirements of companies.
Usually only a few yet important changes are required to align such a model with other similar business models. Keep in mind that branding is the face of a corporate strategy; hence these two areas should go hand in hand.

3. Let Your Stakeholders Including Customers be Involved

Your company is best understood by your customers, employees and several other stakeholders. Although this is a thing of common sense, most companies tend to forget these easily accessible and simple resources of a wealth of information for the branding strategy.
A rule of thumb is that you should use 5% of the marketing budget on research and get a fair picture of the existing business landscape including the present brand image among stakeholders. Just don’t underestimate the precious voice of your customers in the process.

4. Modify the Corporate Vision

For spreading the corporate vision across the company, the corporate branding strategy is a fantastic channel. It enables the management to involve, inform and align everybody around the corporate goals, values and forthcoming pathway.
The corporate branding strategy from BrandQuest, for example, serves as a guiding star and takes everybody in the same direction. This internal hard work has at least 50% share in making a corporate branding strategy successful.

5. Make Maximum Use of New Technology

There should be a great involvement of modern technology in a successful corporate branding strategy. Modern technology improves the competitive edge of the company and helps it to become effective.

A well-structured and updated Intranet is an essential component of the working environment of today, which has become more and more vital with employees travelling across the world, and working from home or other locations.

An Extranet can enable a much more seamless integration with strategic partners, customers and suppliers, skip time-consuming documentation and manual handling of several issues.

A business website is a must-have component and also it’s an important channel for any modern business irrespective of size. If the business cannot be accessed through the internet, it doesn’t exist!

The modern internet savvy customers gauge a company’s professionalism in terms of the professionalism of its website.

6. Make People so Powerful that They will Become Your Brand Ambassadors

People are the important asset of any company. It’s they who interact with customers, colleagues, competitors, suppliers and industry experts every day.

In addition, they also communicate with a huge number of people entirely different from the corporation, including their friends, family members, past colleagues and several others.

So, they work as the most important representatives for the company since the word-of-mouth can be immensely important to have a great impact on the image of the company.

Make use of their power and let them work as brand ambassadors of your company.

Follow these points to design an effective corporate branding strategy to make it a great success.

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