Time to kick those gears in bed

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Have you been feeling upset lately because your sexual intercourse didn’t go the way you expected it to happen? Do you feel like you didn’t really experience the feeling of being sexually aroused? Did it hurt more than getting you high? If all of the answers to these questions were a yes, then my friend you need to introduce a new friend in your life i.e. Viagra. In this article, we will be mainly discussing female Viagra. Do not be startled by its mention. You are a part of this modern era and you have to accept this change. The change that people discuss topics related to sexual attention also publically. And there is no shame to it. Now, instead of jumping into the lake of social stereotypes, let’s dive back into the concept of female Viagra.

How does it work?

The key component responsible for causing sexual excitement is Sildenafil. It is used in both male and female Viagra. It is used to basically treat erectile dysfunction in males. For females, less active components are needed. When developing Viagra for females, some of the active components in male Viagra were removed. Sildenafil, the basic component, is responsible for increasing the blood flow in the genitals. It increasing the blood circulation by blocking phosphodiesterase enzyme type 5(PDE5).

When the PDE5 is blocked, then the nitric oxide is released at a much faster rate which in turn results in relaxation of the muscles of walls of the vessels. Hence, causing dilation. Finally, all of this will result in better blood flow in the internal and external genitals of a woman. Now, the next question that arises is what happens if the blood flows better? How does that intensify the sexual excitement? So, basically the result of better blood circulation in genitals is that they become more sensitive. And obviously, if your genitals are more sensitive, then you will become excited easily. And that is how the whole story unfolds.

And when the excitement levels reach a higher state, then the natural lubricant is released and majorly resulting in increased sensitivity in all of the erogenous sites. Well, you know the purpose of the lubricant but have to give some information about it. The lubricant basically smoothens the sexual intercourse causing lesser pain to the female. All of this will help the women achieve the state of orgasm easily and faster, giving her the utmost satisfaction.

See, you do not take female Viagra just because you are not sexually aroused. It may sometimes happen that you are sexually aroused but poor lubrication may result in painful sexual intercourse. To facilitate the lubrication, you can take the pill. During menopause, there is a maximum probability of lost sensitivity of genitals and poor lubrication, so to overcome that you can opt for female Viagra. And you can get multiple orgasms. And that is something unachievable in most cases. The product is out in the market, Go Grab it!

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