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When you have the best of the best with you it doesn’t hurt to reassess some of the assets that you have with you and then make adjustments to prepare for the times when the best of the best is not available to you. Sometimes it helps to always have a backup plan even when things may seem to be going all well. That is why we take insurance. Because of the probability that something might happen and not because we are always paranoid or pessimistic and that we need to comfort of insurance to make things feel alright inside us. If this was not the case, then the very fact that insurance is something that was created in the event that things could go wrong is a testament to how unpredictable the world is and that things can go haywire in a matter of minutes. For this same reason when hospital administration decides to select a certain ophthalmic instruments suppliers they are usually content as to the quality of the products that they are buying and are not so relaxed because they know that should anything go wrong their insurance will take care of everything.
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The Ideal Scenario

When people and companies always cry over quality over quantity there is always some reason behind it. It can be any kind of product from a small stapler kit in a corporate office to the quality of the ophthalmic instruments suppliers in a reputed hospital that is looking to get the best that they can for the patients. Any hospital would want to improve their standard of care that will ensure that patients keep coming back to the hospital and then, which in turn means more profit for the hospital while providing valuable service to the public as a front for their services rendered. Thus proving the point that quality is the most important thing that people and companies focus on that is also for good reason due to the fact that quality proves longevity and quality trumps quantity all the time, unless quantity is a ridiculous amount.


It is therefore, a good thing to ask for quality and also prepare for the worse situation possible even when everything is going alright as it may seem that way but with the unpredictability of the world, everything can go wrong.

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