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When students start their business, four basic elements are taught to them and they are a product, channel, price, and promotion. The newer definition of marketing is: generation of attention you can turn into profitable demand.

So the long funnel of conversation from initial consumers which leads to desirable outcomes, for example sales and retention of local customers.

ONE-TO-MANY MODEL:- Media is known as the one to many models in which sitting in one place and having one medium, we can spread our message to many of the consumers. Much has changed. We expect media for free. Today's communication is bidirectional. The cost at which we desire to publish some authentic material is very small. Says Thapa from
CONSEQUENCE:- The abundance of content is the consequence of how easily it can be used and publishes. In 10 publications, it’s not same to have authentic material all the time. Sometimes we neglect the sports news. Nowadays, the technology section is getting reputation a lot. Jeff has said that advertisement is a failure. It's the basis of most of the content we use today.Plus the nature of media has been shifted too. All the content we publish on media has lots of links and other websites that contain the same discussion about the topic. It’s a bad outcome.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit don’t employ writers. But we consume most of our posts there. Machines have better taste than humans. We as a human cannot work equal to a machine. A machine has a capacity to do work and convert the efforts into meaningful means. Moreover, humans work for betterment but machines are organized in a way that they can deal with thousands of things at a time. Says Roger from
ATTENTION:- The attention of viewers to the upcoming products deals to rethink with the marketers for its marketing. When we start a business and launch a product in the market it is important to gather the attention if the public. 

How does business accelerate?

Few factors are very important for a business to accelerate its up going speed. It is true that no one cares about how you are getting reputation or lead in the industry. It is your ability and efforts that make it exist.

BLOCKCHAINS:- There are different ways to use block chains in rethinking the power grid. In transaction section, blockchain is the most profitable way that allows people to have a record of transactions. Rethink marketing is being used in Games, Education, Healthcare and internet of things. Rethink marketing is the most effective way to gain the attention of the viewers and it beholds a good reputation.

Conclusion:- To connect and to stay committed to a quality relationship with media will help to advance your visibility and presence in a community. When your presence is recorded in a marketing strategy, there are great chances that you may get profitable response and attention toward your work.

The marketing strategy is changing day by day due to people new ideas. You can also ask for the feedback from your audience in any matter.

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